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How to use the Silver Jewellery Design website... The jewellery on our website is categorised to make browsing easy. If you cannot find what you want, type your search term into the quick find box. When you have found the item(s) you want, make the appropriate selections from the drop down menus available for that item. Size, material, width etc. Read the product description carefully and check the price for options required.

Select Add to Cart. To complete the purchase press Checkout. You will then be asked to sign in and give us your personal details and tell us where you want the item(s) delivered. Please ensure that you give your correct email address as confirmation of your order will be sent to the email address given. If you make a mistake with any items you can remove them from your cart and start again.

When you are ready to complete your purchase this will be carried out by Shopify or Paypal through their secure payment services. Enter your payment details and follow the onscreen directions, the order process is quick, easy and secure.

You will receive a confirmation email detailing your order from us and confirmation of payment. If you do not receive any emails, check in your account that you have given us the correct email address, if it is correct, please check that your internet service provider/mail client has not blocked our emails.

If you would prefer not to order over the internet, you can call us on +44 (0)1292 610800 and order and arrange credit card payment by phone.