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Bring Style To Every Outfit With A Stunning Brooch.

For the music lover in all of us, our Scottish handcrafted Brooches strikes an elegant note on jackets, coats and scarves. This delicate lapel pin embodies a passion for melody through intricate metalwork.

The Treble Clef Brooch

Scroll through the shimmering swirls and curls of this ornamental treble clef brooch entirely forged by hand from polished sterling silver. Its elongated stylized 'G' clef design signifies the musical notes that make up every melody and song.

Finely beaded edges enhance the silver brooch's elegantly flared top curve, which emerges seamlessly from its elegant spiral base into a delicate pointed accent. Matte and shiny finishes interplay across the intricate metalwork, adding multi-tonal depth.

More Than Musical

While perfect for musicians, vocalists, songwriters and composers to showcase their musical roots, this accessory's elegant craftsmanship makes it suitable for any brooch lover. Its diminutive size allows it to adorn blazers, cardigans, scarves and handbags stylishly for both ladies and gentlemen. This type of sterling silver brooch will surely give an attractive look to your style.

Quality That Sings

Created by jewelers in Israel, every swirl and beaded accent receives meticulous artisan attention. This handcrafted construction using premium 925 sterling silver makes each brooch slightly unique, unlike cheaper cast or plated brooches that wear down over time. With proper storage, your clef brooch will maintain its polished bright shine for years, an elegant accessory to treasure.

Accessorize with Artisan Sterling Silver Brooches

Elevate your style with handcrafted sterling silver brooches from our online shop. Each brooch is meticulously forged and textured by skilled UK silversmiths using premium 925 silver. Matte, hammered and polished finishes create multi-tone sophistication.

Our delicate yet dimensional brooches complement everything from blazers to scarves. Adorn lapels, handbags or collect multiple pieces for maximum impact. With fast shipping and secure payment, upgrading to these unique designer brooches is easy.
Forget basic pins and indulge in exceptional artisan craftsmanship instead.

Your outfits deserve wearable sterling silver art!


What is the ideal way to wear a brooch?

Brooches add a sophisticated accent to jackets or coats, lapels, scarf edges, caps, handbags and more. For a modern look, cluster multiples or wear a single statement brooch slightly off-center of your neckline.

What's the difference between a brooch and a pin?

A brooch features an ornamental design, often quite intricate. A pin is typically a simple stick style used more for function than decoration, like holding fabric together. Brooches are the dressier, more embellished accessory.

Which lapel does a man wear a brooch?

For men, it's customary to wear a brooch on the left lapel closest to the heart. This positioning rule originated from traditions around boutonniere flowers.

Why are brooches back for SS24?

The brooch resurgence taps into the desire for personal accessories that feel special and unique. As handcrafted pieces of small portable art, quality brooches add sophisticated pops of character that elevate plain looks. Their mix of vintage heritage and modern versatility keeps them fresh.