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Designer Sterling Silver Pendants For Women

Sterling Silver Pendants That Will Last a Lifetime

Our pendant collection offers stunning, versatile pieces that make meaningful additions to any jewelry box. Each piece tells a unique story. We carry women's silver pendants set with pearls, opaline, amethyst, garnet and other colorful stones in a variety of sizes and designs to suit any taste. Wearing them feels like carrying your own personal treasure.

Classic Silver Pendants With Pearls Give You An Attractive Look

The most gorgeous pendant for silver chain features timeless, polished sterling silver designs. Wear them with casual outfits or dressy, layered looks. Spreading lustrous silver hearts will complement any outfit. These pendant necklaces look beautiful on any sterling silver chain or cord. We showcase large and small pearls in minimalist bail settings.

Vibrant Bursts of Opaline Gemstone Color Will Capture Your Imagination 

Our silver sterling pendant collection has opaline in it, which makes it different and attractive. Opaline gemstones reflect light in bursts of rainbow colors - deep azure blues, punched pinks, and mellow emeralds. Pendant for necklace silver sterling, and the transparency showers you with compliments. Layer opaline pendants together for even bolder personal style statements.

An Elegant Sterling Silver and Amethyst Pendant For Your Special Day

Show off night sky glamour with our Sterling Silver and Amethyst Zirconia Star Pendant. The combination of sterling silver and amethyst  creates a mesmerizing celestial effect. This pendant sterling silver necklace is a stellar choice for those who seek a unique and symbolic accessory. This adds an awesome touch to any ensemble.

A Sterling Silver Pendant Design Made Out of Enamel Has An Artistic Feel

Some of our Mackintosh pendants feature hand-painted enamel in attractive floral patterns. Skilled artisans use a special technique to outline each enamel shape of a refined silver chain with pendant. These pendants consist of many colors including greens and red enamel jewelry. The unique designs make them perfect to wear as your own personal good luck charms.

Let these diverse pendant necklaces become on your next buying list. These are meaningful pieces you'll enjoy for years. They make excellent jewelry gifts or personal tokens that are filled with sentimental value.

Seeking Something Sensitive? Shop On Silver Jewellery Design

Looking for a sterling silver pendant for chain that celebrates relationships?

Lustrous pearls symbolize both femininity and tears. Or pick Zirconia-framed pearls and romantic two-tone hearts to cherish special memories for years to come. Our pendant sterling silver necklaces become instant family treasures.

For gorgeous and versatile sterling silver statement pendants, explore our complete pendant collection online now.

With sterling silver pendants, treat yourself or loved ones to feel fabulous!


Is sterling silver good for pendants?

Yes! Sterling silver makes an excellent metal choice for pendants. It has a bright finish that beautifully highlights designs, resists tarnishing, and avoids skin irritation. Sterling silver also keeps pendants affordable without sacrificing durability or sentimental value. As long as you store them properly, these cherished sterling pendants will last a lifetime.

What is the meaning of a sterling silver pendant? 

The term "sterling silver pendant" refers to a pendant crafted from sterling silver metal. Sterling silver is the industry standard for fine silver jewelry, cherished for its radiance, strength and value. A sterling silver pendant features meaningful designs that will last for many years while avoiding irritation. This makes it the perfect meaningful keepsake accessory to keep close to your heart. It its 925 parts out of a thousand pure silver with no nickel added to the rest.

What is the silver pendant made of?

Silver pendants are primarily made from sterling silver - a precious metal alloy composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals like copper. This small addition strengthens the silver for detailed pendant designs that maintain a beautiful bright white shine.