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Dazzling Handmade Silver Bracelets for Women

Our bracelet collection offers beautiful, versatile pieces that serve as meaningful additions to any jewelry box. We carry sterling silver bracelets accented with pearls, opaline and other colourful stones, as well as charm bracelets. With a variety of sizes, lengths and designs available, there’s a perfect fit for every wrist.

Handcrafted Unique Memories in Our One-of-a-Kind Bracelets

Discover signature artistry in our collection of handmade sterling silver bracelets. No two finished pieces ever turn out exactly the same thanks to the mark of their makers. Hammered plates, shiny silver and carved charms give a unique look.

These customizable keepsakes also promise lasting luxury. As 925 sterling silver, every custom bracelet starts flawlessly and maintains its bright shine over time unlike cheaper metals prone to tarnishing. The bracelet has been designed to delight anyone who wears it.

Celebrate meaningful memories or shine your personal style by wearing a one-of-a-kind emblem of your story on your wrist. Wear our handmade bracelets every day so that you can reflect on what makes you unique.

Cherish Your Sentiments with Charm Bracelets

Charm bracelets allow you to add personal flair and tell a story with tangible keepsakes. Our silver charm bracelets feature delicate chains with spring ring clasps that secure a growing array of charms. From carved hearts and flowers to zodiac signs and birthstones, these meaningful mementos celebrate relationships, achievements and interests. 

Attract Attention with Vibrant Opaline Bracelets

Four polished square opals alternate along this flexible sterling silver bangle, handcrafted at our shop. Their fiery flashes contrast beautifully against the smooth, nickel-free silver - ideal for sensitive skin. Slightly uneven and mysterious, each opaline stone glimmers as if lit from within. Together with the gleaming silver, this type of bracelet captures an ethereal elegance, at once subtle and statement-making. A precious gift for the style-conscious.

Pearls of Shine: A Sterling Silver Bracelet

Lustrous freshwater pearls and petite flower beads adorn the sterling silver pearl bracelet. The embossed silver catches the light, complementing subtle pearl lustre for an elegant duo. No two are alike. The pearls flow along the wrist with a delicate gleam. Meticulous details dazzle - from the pearls’ inner glow to the secure clasp. Added refined shimmer to every outfit, this bracelet is a true jewellery box favourite.

Beautiful Handmade Silver Bracelets For You

We offer a collection of lovely handmade silver bracelets that you will love! Our bracelets are specially crafted using real 925 sterling silver.

Choose from delicate chains, engraved links, pearls and colourful gemstones that make each bracelet unique. We have gorgeous options like fiery garnet or romantic pearl bracelets to match any outfit.

Our skilled jewelers hand make every piece using special metalwork techniques. This gives the bracelets beautiful details and makes them feel like custom jewelry just for you.

We ship bracelets fast right to your door. Our easy online shop lets you safely pay and quickly get quality jewellery without high prices.

Join many happy customers who wear our bracelets and get compliments every day! Come see beautiful and affordable handmade bracelets waiting just for you.


Can you wear a silver bracelet all the time?

Yes, sterling silver bracelets are durable enough for 24/7 wear. Just be gentle with the more delicate chains and charms.

How long does a silver bracelet last?

With proper care, a quality sterling silver bracelet can last several decades or even a lifetime.

How often should I clean my silver bracelet?

Clean your sterling silver bracelet every few weeks with a polishing cloth or jewelry cleaner to prevent tarnish buildup. Clean more often if frequently exposed to lotions, perfumes, or water.

Why is my silver bracelet turning black?

When sterling silver is exposed to air and moisture, a black tarnish film develops on the surface. This is normal oxidation and can be easily removed with regular polishing/cleaning.