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Stylish Necklaces For Women

Take a look at our stunning necklaces for women and let them make a statement for you. Our online shop overflows with designer silver necklace options for every personality. Express your unique charm through artistic metalwork. We have endless options for expressing yourself!

These handcrafted silver necklaces workovertime for a smart professional presentation or a cocktail party. Or say yes to titanium and steel for metallic mix and match layered looks.

Discover Show Stopping Style in Our Designer Sterling Silver Necklaces

We have a designer sterling silver necklace collection for every occasion. Handcrafted artistry means no two pieces are ever exactly alike. Carved blooms and birds provide whimsical focal points while hammered metals and matte finishes add eye-catching texture.

Our 925 sterling handmade silver necklaces also promise quality, durability and hypoallergenic ease year after year. Expert jewelers expertly craft silver into flawless focal points that won't tarnish or irritate, becoming cherished heirlooms with gentle care. Show your unique personality through exceptional artistry with every detail designed to dazzle.

Make a Splash with Vibrant Blue Topaz Necklaces

Turn heads from every angle with our sterling silver and blue topaz necklaces. Blue topaz cubic zirconia stones captivate with their neon bright pops against polished silver beads leading the eyes down. This contemporary design sits beautifully on your neckline against bare skin.

Beyond statement style, our designer necklaces craftsmanship promises hypoallergenic comfort and everyday durability. Each fashion necklace begins flawlessly thanks to expert  jewellers who intricately shape, set and assemble every stunning detail by hand, never mass-produced. Enjoy the compliments flowing as freely as your confidence in these blue topaz necklaces!

Illuminate with Opaline’s Vibrant Rainbow Shine

Turn heads and spark conversations with one-of-a-kind opaline necklaces handcrafted in shimmering sterling silver. Opaline stones captivate in hues mimicking the vibrant rainbow.

No two opaline gemstones ever reflect the exact same color combination, making our contemporary designs truly unique jewellery. Feel the joyful rainbow radiance elevating every outfit from professional presentations to date nights. Illuminate your bare neckline in the most brilliant wearable light show!

Gleaming Visions of Grace: A Lustrous Pearl and Silver Necklace

Expertly strung by hand, lustrous pearls dance along the delicate sterling silver chain of the necklace. The silver catches the light at every turn, showcasing the smooth perfection of each pearl. No two are alike, with soft variations of cream and pink tones bringing an element of natural wonder.

Whether dressed up or down, this necklace emanates a graceful gleam - a subtle yet glamorous statement piece. Its beauty lies in the meticulous details: the gentle sheen of silver, the iridescent glow padding each pearl, and the precision of the fastening clasp. Truly a gleaming vision of timeless elegance!

Want To Look Attractive? Visit Silver Jewellery Design

Whatever stunning style speaks to you, stand out from vanilla by accessorizing with our inspired designer sterling silver necklaces. Let beautiful craftsmanship, creativity and flawless finishes at affordable prices elevate your jewelry wardrobe daily.

Come & Discover your signature necklace and shine now!


How to clean a sterling silver necklace without damaging it?

Use a soft polishing cloth or jewelry cleaning solution specifically made for silver. Gently rub the cloth over the necklace to remove tarnish and restore shine. Avoid submerging in water which can damage silver over time. Also avoid using toothpaste, baking soda or harsh chemicals which can scratch the surface. Polishing cloths and silver cleaners will clean effectively without abrasion.

What is trending in women's sterling silver jewellery?

Sterling silver jewelry is on-trend with delicate, minimalist pieces that layer and mix for a distinctive personal style. Thin layered chains, simple necklaces, petite studs, and signet rings lend themselves to customization with birthstones and engravings for modern elegance.

How much is a silver 925 necklace worth?

The worth of a 925 sterling silver necklace depends on the weight, design complexity, brand and any gemstones. Plain silver chains usually range from £20–£100 for lighter weights up to around £250 for heavier link designs.