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Designer Sterling Silver Stud Earrings For Women

Stunning 925 Sterling Silver Studs for Every Lady

Discover our affordable collection of distinctive 925 silver stud earrings for women. Our designer stud earrings are the perfect versatile jewellery accessory for everyday wear. We carry polished sterling silver ear studs accented with vibrant gems and stones to suit every lady’s personal style.

925 Silver Stud Jewellery That Suits You

  • Everyday Silver Stud Earrings

Our most classic and bestselling ladies stud earrings feature 925 sterling silver details that always stay in style. The sleek silver pairs effortlessly with casual and dressy looks for easy elegance. Each earring has been shaped into beautiful designs made by artisans and lovely Celtic knotwork design or an intricate Celtic cross design. This brings intricate touches to these staple sterling silver ear studs women love.

  • Opaline Pops of Color

For stunning but affordable designer jewellery, explore our ladies’ opaline stud earrings in silver. These colorful man-made stones flash fiery blue, green and pink tones in sleek sterling silver bezels for the perfect pop of color. Mix and match their bright hues with neutrals for jewelry that transforms any outfit from basic to bold.

  • Garnet Earrings

Bold garnet gemstones give our sterling silver ear studs for women a sophisticated, striking look. As January’s birthstone, garnet represents passion and devotion. This is the perfect meaning for Valentine’s Day or anniversary jewelry gifts. We bead rich red rounds in ethical silver settings for stunning 925 stud earrings UK women will love to show off. 

  • Sweet Pearl Jewelry

For sentimental and romantic affordable jewellery gift ideas, choose our pearl heart stud earrings. Their glossy white freshwater pearls and sterling silver settings say elegance with just a hint of sweetness – ideal for marking graduations or birthdays. No jewelry box is complete without these designer sterling silver stud earrings for ladies.

This high-quality yet affordable sterling silver jewellery collection upgrades every woman’s wardrobe. Find on-trend, stunning 925 silver stud earrings ladies will wear and enjoy for years as beloved jewelry box staples.

Calling All Jewelry Lovers - Dazzling Silver Studs Await!

Silver Jewelry Design makes finding your perfect pair of 925 silver stud earrings effortlessly easy. Sterling silver and colorful gemstone pairs are available in our online shop every day.

Glam up date nights with passionate garnets or sweet pearl accents. With secure payment and fast shipping, these obsession-worthy earrings can adorn your ears.

Indulge in your inner magpie without the splurge or hassle. Silver Jewelry Design lets you turn your jewelry dreams into reality fast.

Join our tribe of style savvy shoppers and collect compliments on standout accessorizing made simple!


Are sterling silver earrings good for everyday wear?

Absolutely! Sterling silver's shine, strength and affordability make it ideal for go-to earrings. Its durability withstands daily wear while the hint of copper prevents irritation. As long as you store them properly when not being rocked, sterling silver earrings make perfect everyday staples.

Can you wear sterling silver earrings in water?

No problem! Sterling silver holds up well to quick water exposure like rain or sweat. Just be sure to remove earrings before activities with prolonged water contact. Give them a gentle clean, dry thoroughly and you're good to continue wearing and enjoying sterling silver pieces daily.

Does sterling silver affect my ears?

Not at all! Sterling silver is a hypoallergenic metal, meaning the small copper content makes it safe for those with metal sensitivities. These earrings also come rhodium plated, an extra layer helping prevent tarnish and skin reactions. This keeps sterling silver smooth and comfortable in the ears.